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~ Green Day ~
American Idiot Tour

Tokyo, Japan @ the Chiba Marine Stadium
7th August 2004
The two first concert reviews below are basically a translation of the text on a page from the official festival website.
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A light turns off, the theme of "2001: A Space Odyssey" starts, the logo of "American Idiot" appears. Suddenly, Billie Joe's guitar starts, American Idiot!! In "Hitchin' A Ride", Billie Joe handles the audience well. All the audience in Marine Stadium are standing and shouting. In "Knowledge", naturally enough, Billie Joe invites someone to the stage and makes him (her) play the guitar. The audience reachs the peak in the next song, "Basket Case", and burns out in "Minority". I never see the show which the audience enjoys comfortably. The last song is "We are the champions". In the end of this song, many fireworks are set off. Green Day was most suitable for the headliner of SUMMER SONIC 2004.

This is what is written on this page. This is not a complete translation, but dramatized.
American Idiot
Geek Stink Breath
Hitchin' A Ride
Welcome to Paradise
Brain Stew
2,000 Light Years Away
I Fought The Law
Our Lips Our Sealed
Basket Case
King For A Day
Going to Pasalacqua
When I Come Around
We Are The Champions
Manabu Kontani, 08/08/04

A pitch-black stadium. The grand theme music of "2001: A Space Odyssey" flows, and that mark that has grasped the hand grenade tightly emerges on the stage... The curtain of the stage of GREEN DAY went up by the explosion of the guitar which resounds suddenly, and the new song "AMERICAN IDIOT"! Jimmie who picks up an audience earnestly by "HITCHIN'A RIDE." The audience who dances as out of order responding to it. Of course, as for an arena, the stadium [ shake / large / a stand is also standing up all at once, and / a stadium / a stand ] is likely to break. Also the accident of the festival no one but of making a stage raise and play the guitar kids who were in an audience the middle. A stage and the hall are completely united to an excellent piece of music "BASKETCASE", and an audience is perfect combustion at "MINORITY." I thought that it was pleasant like this and there was no stage on which all audience is put very much. It is "We Are The Champions" to have turned over by carrying out what and the last. And fireworks are launched at the last of a stage. It was a wonderful stage suitable to day [ of summer sonic / 1st ] main.

Kenta, 08/08/04

I went to the concert!! It was great!! They starded the set with AMERICAN IDIOT, and after they played songs like Longview, Hitchin' A Ride, Welcome to Paradise, Brain Stew, Jaded, I Fought The Law!!!, Knowledge, Basket Case, She, Waiting, Minority, When I Come Around!! The last song was a cover of QUEEN! We Are The Champions was fucking great. Billie sang very good... They played it seriously! Was great!! But BJ didn't play TIME OF YOUR LIFE (I don't know why). But anyway was the best day of my life! Thanks

Rick, 08/09/04

I saw Green Day on the 7th of August at the one and only wonderful rock concert show that Japan holds called Summer Sonic. The day started off with a bunch of other good bands but when Green Day came out the arena was full of people, just full enough that no one can get back to where they started if they leave an inch. Being my first concert experience ever I was so excited to see Green Day live because they were the very first punk band that I fell in love with. Billie Joe came out with Tré and Mike and as they rushed onto the stage the croud went wild. They kicked off with "American Idiot" and everyone was so excited to hear their new song. Along with "Minority", "Hitchin' A Ride", "Basket Case", "Brain Stew/Jaded", "Knowledge", "I Fought The Law", "Waiting", "Longview" and when the last croud went wild Billie Joe started singing "We Are The Champions"!!!! It was just great as we all waved our hands and sung the classics. Of course they went off stage but came back up to sing "When I Come Around". Then a huge firework went off and covered the entire arena, leaving us the best nights of our entire life. All I knew was that Green Day made so many best nights in other country's as well and I was lucky enough to see one of them. I can't wait for American Idiot to come out and that night is my own and will always be like yesterday that I was there in the crowd watching the three punk rockers rock the world off our boots.

Mirai Tateishi, 08/12/04
Photos by: Reimon Komoto
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