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American Idiot Tour

Balado, Scotland @ T in the Park Festival
Sunday 10th July 2005

By Danielle Millea, 07/12/05
Photos: Andrew Kendall

Fresh from headlining the Oxegen Festival in Ireland Green Day are the headlining act of this sweltering day in Balado, Scotland. Apparently warming up for the show by playing mini golf backstage, the guys looked relaxed and ready to go as they ran on stage and started 'American Idiot', followed by 'Jesus of Suburbia' and 'Holiday' (just like the album tracklist). Next up was what Billie called 'St Jimmy' but started with 'Are We The Waiting' and then straight onto 'St Jimmy'. There was an abundance of flags - mainly Scottish - one of which Billie plucked from the crowd and waved about. After introducing the band he mentioned Tré who jumped from behind the drumkit and did a few bows at the front of the stage.

Next up were songs from 'Dookie' and 'Insomniac' - 'Longview', 'Brainstew' and the obligatory 'Jaded' (you know if you hear a song and you are used to the album and are waiting for the next opening riff, it's like that!). In between the two latter tracks Billie picked a young girl from her dad's shoulders in the crowd and passed her a supersoaker, with which she sprayed the crowd. He then placed her on a pedestal near the front of the stage and waved her arms in the air, but unfortunately when he left her to it the tiny girl looked scared out of her wits and was passed back to her dad, where she started to enjoy herself again. The beginning of 'Brainstew' was built up by Billie splitting the crowd into two down the middle and getting them to cheer louder then each other, using his guitar on one side and Mike on his bass on the other.
Than was the bit every fan waits for. The choosing of the band to play Operation Ivy's 'Knowledge'. They have probably learnt that choosing a girl is a bad idea (I'm not sexist, being a girl and that, but they only want to get on stage to hug the lads and most of them (not all) cannot play, which is unfair on those of us who can). The band of boys turned out great and again the guitarist got to keep the guitar but the drummer did not have to do a stagedive (it was a big gap to the pit). Straight into 'Basket Case' and 'She', following the album again (these songs belong that way!). A lot of the crowd did not appear to know the words where I was stood (new 'American Idiot' fans?) but I was pretty far back out of the stuffy crowd. Even at 10pm the weather was scorching. The crowd stretched to the back of the huge field and near the Futures stage at the opposite side. Next up a bit of fancy dress as Billie put on his crown and cloak and left Jason to play the guitar along to 'King For a Day', backed up by the touring brass section (well two blokes - one from Scotland). This carried on into a medley including Lulu's 'Shout' and a huge sing-a-long.
Time to slow things down for new single 'Wake Me Up When September Ends', but bouncing back with 'Minority' and 'Maria' from the 'Warning' album. Then it was slowed down again for 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'. Another appropriate cover in the form of Queen's 'We Are the Champions', with loads of pyrotechnics around the stage. After which Billie was left on his own to play 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)' which showed off his solo skills (some people think that Green Day songs are three chord wonders and don't have that much structure but a listen to the very first two Lookout albums will prove otherwise). Then all the band appeared on stage to bow, and hugged as they left the stage, obviously happy with their performance. Looks like the mini golf paid off!

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