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This DVD is a biography of Green Day, divided into eight chronological chapters (see menus screenshots below, click to enlarge), published by Chrome Dreams, a London-based record label specialized in interviews and biographies. Using interviews with friends of the band or people who worked with them, Pogo Paradise relates the story of Green Day from the early Sweet Children times, to when they burst out of the San Francisco punk scene, and up to those days.
Amongst the footage in this 60 min film, we show you Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, where the album Dookie was recorded in 1993. Jesse Michaels - lead singer of the band Operation Ivy and also credited for the 1,039/smoothed Out Slappy Hours cover - shows you the former house of Billie Joe and Mike, where the Longview video was shot. Winston Smith explains the meaning of the Insomniac cover artwork he created, and why did the band choose that name for the album.
You also get a tour of Berkeley Telegraph Ave (cf. the song Stuart and the Ave.) with Jason Vicars, who pretends to be the biggest Green Day fan in the world... This remains to prove, Jason ;-) The owner of Studio 880 in Oakland, where the album Warning was recorded in 2000, tells how it was like working with the Green Day guys, and how Tré Cool came up with the idea to hire a dominatrix for Blood, Sex and Booze.
Green Day, however, is very little present in this documentary. You only hear them a few seconds, interviewed after a concert in 1994 probably, and in 1998 when they enter the MTV VMA ceremony, where they'll later win an award for the Time Of Your Life video. In addition, as bonus extras, you find a comprehensive discography, but without cover artworks, plus a gallery of ten Green Day photos.
Pogo Paradise is a professional and high-quality product, but not an official release from the band. So you get no music by Green Day, not even a single note. Most people will be disappointed only because of this. Nonetheless, recalling there is no Green Day documentary available on the market - except TV shows, like two years ago the excellent VH1 Behind The Music - Pogo Paradise is worth buying. It definitely could show more Green Day interviews, like one specifically recorded for this DVD, but overall it offers an excellent panorama of the band biography, with some interesting facts. You couldn't expect more from an unauthorized title.
How to buy
Pogo Paradise is available to buy directly from its label. From Chrome Dreams: "You can either e-mail us (by filling in the order form on our website, you can fax your order and Credit Card details on 02082411426 or phone on 02087159781. Finally you can still mail us at Chrome Dreams, PO Box 230, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6YY, UK."
You can also buy it online at
Your comments
WOW. This DVD really steps into new territory... dog crap. I'm sorry but what a pathetic way to bring information about one of the coolest bands on the planet. I mean, it's blatent and obvisously why green day didn't endorse it, because it was a load of turd. I've seen better documentaries looking out my bedroom window. I borrowed this from my friend, Hayley, looking forward to watching this all day, and all it was was interviews with people nobody heard of, and aprroximately 2 minutes of Green Day speaking. It says on the back, a close... blar blar to the band, my arse, and it comes with exclusive interviews. Ha! I mean at one point they've got this old guy that I am actually pretty sure is a begger. No music. And most of it seems to be pictures of roads and the unknown people being interviewed. and this random film of US fan going to CD shop. What's going on? I hope Green Day brings out a good DVD of the Milton Keynes gig this summer here in the UK, which will be their biggest ever gig. I saw Green Day in Nottingham, and god did they kick ass. Anyway DVD crap. Green Day good. War bad. Peace good. Alone bad. Friends good. [Rory C the flea, 05/12/05]
Well, this "Pogo Paradise" is nice for fans who are starting to listen to Green Day, because everything that is on the interview I already knew. For big fans, this DVD is nothing. I was expecting something better, and if Green Day ever saw this DVD I'm sure they got disappointed. [Daniel, 02/27/05]
I would say this DVD was alright. I found out stuff that I didn't know about Green Day in this DVD. It's cool and worth buying. If you're a HUGE Green Day fan like me you'll buy it. Take advice from the 12 yr old! I just have to say this Jason Vicars you're NOT THE BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN!!! YOU'RE JUST A WANNABE BASTARD!!! [Natalie Luna, 08/05/04]
I bought Pogo Paradise on eBay and it's really a good DVD to add to your collection. My only regret was that it didn't have any original music on it. I'd like to see Green Day put out an authorized DVD sometime. Who knows maybe some day right. [Garrett]
If anybody is interested in the Pogo Paradise DVD... DON'T BUY IT. I got jipped. I spent $20 on a bunch of people talking about Green Day. I could do that with my friends. There was no original Green Day music in the DVD at all and about five minutes total of actual Green Day footage... Plenty of pictures but, hey, I can see that on the net for free. Give me a break, worst buy ever. Not mad at Green Day though, they had nothing to do with the DVD. [Nick Rosetti]
Please! I can't believe I threw away twenty bucks on shit shit. I didn't even finish watching it. I was tempted to send this DVD to Billie Joe and show him this shit. I mean, come on. It was so low. They even had Tré Cool's Mail Man on there. His mail man! This is bullshit! I don't think some of these people on this video were aware at times the camera was rolling. And what the hell happened to Jesse Michaels? I see a lot of blatant similarities between him and the present day Vanilla Ice. Damn! What was up with the photo's in the picture section of the DVD? Did they make an effort to find the worst pictures they could find of the band? A standard DVD holds about 4.7 GB of information. And you're telling me they could only come up with ten pictures of the band and a sixty minutes piece of trash. When you go to the store you can buy the national brand or the generic brand. Like Coca Cola or Fred Meijers Piss-pop. The music they had accompanying every scene was Fred Meijers brand of Green Day. God awful bands that tried so hard, and predictably went down in flames, to sound like Green Day. I keep up on the underground music scene. I haven't heard shit like this since I was in my first band and learning how my guitar worked. Oh man! Kill us all now. It's no surprise to me that Green Day didn't endorse this video. I wouldn't have bought it in the first place had I known they didn't endorse it. You're just setting yourself up for tears when it's not endorsed. If you really love Green Day, like me, don't get this DVD. Green Day isn't seeing a cent of it. [G.]
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François Bonzon, 12/29/2002
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