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Riding In Vans With Boys is primary a documentary on the band Kut U Up during the Pop Disaster Tour 2002, which Green Day was co-headlining with Blink-182. Kut U Up was invited on the tour as a side band, to play outside the arenas before the main concerts. On this DVD, you see them puke, trash dressing rooms, and do all the kinds of crazy things imaginable only when really drunk. Like getting your ass branded with a pool-table 'spider'!
Billie Joe is all over the DVD however, as the camera sneaks in all the backstage. One of the highlights is when he's swinging in a hotel room, hanging on a chandelier. Unfortunately, the cable quickly broke... Mike is also present at times, but barely no Tré Cool. My personal favorite remains Green Day's live performance of Hitchin' A Ride. It's cut to the actual music, with the middle "talking" part deleted, but it still rocks. A full song by Blink-182 and by Jimmy Eat World are also on the disc.
The extras include some additional deleted scenes, a photo gallery, and - something I think is cool - the full audio of all songs featured in the documentary soundtrack, from various bands. In conclusion, this DVD is very fun. If you've ever wanted to see how bands on a big tour party or kill time between concerts, I recommended it. Reminds me of Jackass at times... as if they were doing these stupid things just because the camera is rolling.
Technical notes: Total running time 85 minutes, produced by Resting Bird Entertainment, released in 2003. Encoding: Although some webshops describe it now as Region 1 (US shops), now as Region 2 (European shops), there is really one version and it's Region-free. So you shouldn't have any problem to read this DVD, wherever you are located.
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The DVD is great. Granted, there isn't as much Green Day in it, as I'd like there to be, the movie still keeps you highly amused, even in the parts that are lacking in the Green Day guys. It can get highly Jackass-esque. The only time you ever really see Tré Cool is the very end, after the credits come up, or during the performance, but even the small portion that Tré IS in, is amusing. You should definately check it out, you can see Billie Joe piss on a wall, go out to play the show, then jump up and touch someone's hand after the set. Also, he seems to like sticking those orange traffic cones up people's asses. The DVD is well worth the money, and has some choice cuts of Green Day, doing some things that are no less than hysterical. [Fallyn, 07/23/05]
This movie was funny. The only problem was there was nothing of Tré Cool but other than that it was a good documentary of how a band has to work hard to become big in this world. Green Day was shown enough in this movie to see how they act when hanging out but they weren't shown enough to take the focus off of KUT-U-UP and their story. Rating: 4/5 stars. [03/30/05]
It was a really good movie but there wasn't really enough Green Day even though it wasn't a Green Day movie. Since Kut U Up liked Green Day they should have put them on the cam more. Other than Green Day not being on it, it was a really good movie and I'm happy I bought it because the things Blink, Kut U Up and Green Day do are just outragously funny. [Robert Manzo]
Riding In Vans is a great documentary on the band Kut U Up. Kut U Up's music is a genre in itself and follows them on tour throughout the country and Toronto, Candada. This video portrays the beggining for bands and brings you a behind the scenes look along with many great interviews with none other than Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, Tom Delonge of Blink-182 and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, as well as others. The video holds many laughs and many great songs on the soundtrack... I rate it a 4 / 5 stars. [Nathan]
I think Riding In Vans With Boys is a good DVD, but not more. You can't see the guys in Green Day so much on it and almost nothing of Mr. Tré Cool. Sure, Kut U Up are quite funny, but in fact they really suck. The best things on the DVD are the perfomance of Hitchin' A Ride, when Billie hangs in a lamp and when he comes up with the idea to burn one of the guys in Kut U Up. Rating: 2 / 5 [Christoffer Ekelund]
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François Bonzon, 04/30/2004
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