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A compilation of 26 live TV performances, two concerts, two music videos, an interview and a documentary, that's what you get on this disc. The DVD has also cool menus with music, see the screenshots below for the detailed contents. The highlights are the MTV Diary of the Pop Disaster Tour with Blink-182 and the MTV Live Without Warning concert in Seattle, WA, both very good quality-wise and content-wise.
Most of the other stuff is unfortunately of lower quality, taken either from MPEG files downloaded on the Internet (like the two music videos) or from old VHS tapes (like the MTV Jaded In Chicago concert or the Hotel Babylon show and interview). Basket Case at Top Of The Pops - one of Green Day's very first TV performance I guess - could have been an interesting item, but whoever recorded it messed up with the VCR sound commands, resulting in annoying on-screen display throughout the song. That said, it's nice to have all those songs handy on a single disc, I enjoyed watching every single one. Finally note the DVD is region 0 (region free) and will work on any player.
Pictures from the DVD (click to enlarge):
How to buy
Sorry, currently not on sale. From the maker of the DVD (February 2005): "I am no longer selling this DVD, I am in the middle of creating a new one that will include all the best stuff from my old one plus a load of up to date American Idiot stuff, it will be on a 8 GB disc when it's done instead of the old 4.3 GB ones as I now have a couple of dual layer writers. I don't know when it will be finished."
Your comments
I loved this DVD. Most of my school friend HATE Green Day, but after watching the video, I was able to change their minds. As for my take on the DVD... Audio=B+ Video=B+ Content=A+ User Friendly=A. So over all, definately worth the $$ to buy it. [Gilligan Man]
I got this DVD for my Xmas and it was great. When I opened my present and saw the cover I was like "WOW". Green Day are such a great band and I hope they keep up the good work, doing what they do so well and playing all their music to their fucking best (which they are doing great). I am forever playing their songs on my guitar and it is a really fun time too. If you haven't already got this DVD WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, go out and get it, I can guarantee you wont be disappointed! [samantha]
This is a must for fans of the boys. It's gotta be about 4 hours+ of pure green day and proves they are one of the besty live acts around. Admittedly some of the picture/sound quality is ropey, but most of it is good and I found it thoroughly enjoyable and at a great price, here's one lad hoping for a sequel. [James Nash]
Recently purchased this item from MaceMedia and have to say it was much better than I expected. Really well put together and I would highly recommend this to any Green Day fan. [Adrian Ecam]
This is a quality made DVD with a good menu, lots of stuff that's not on the original and its cheap! I hope hurry up and release another. I highly recomend this dvd to everyone. [Binny]
I think this is a great DVD. It also came very fast. The best points about it for me are the 26 live performances. Some of the videos are classics. Although some of the videos are not the best of quality they are still pretty good to watch after some other videos I have seen in the past. The only disappointment for me was the Chicago concert which is poor quality but don't let that put you off. It's definitely worth buying. [Paul D]
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François Bonzon, 12/29/2002
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