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March 3, 2008
Sorry again for the lack of updates. This site is definitely not dying - and will probably never, he, he! - it's just, hmm..., in a undetermined pause.

You probably know by now that Billie Joe did a mini-tour last month in California with his side-band Pinhead Gunpowder. Check out many excerpts on YouTube.

If you happen to read this and have recorded some footage of those shows (already on YouTube or not), please feel free to contact me to send it in, so that I can update the "Video of the week year" thing and offer those videos for the downloading pleasure of everyone. Every submission I received will get rewarded with a free Green Day CD.
December 14, 2007
You thought the site was dead, he? But it's not (yet?)! Hopefully the Xmas break will leave us time for some updates, an X-Mas special or whatever. We still have some original content to publish and CDs from the American Idiot tour for sale. Please wait some more... Also just wanting to annonce that the links page was updated.

In the Green Day news, if you still haven't heard about it, it seems like they are playing The Network game II, if you see what I mean. A strange and new band called Foxboro Hot Tubs published last week a free album to download, and, hmm, the lead voice sounds very familiar. What do you think?
June 5, 2007
All right, you can watch the Working Class Hero video for free, thanks to YouTube.
June 4, 2007
Green Day released last week their latest video Working Class Hero, a John Lennon cover, shot in black and white. We now feature it as Video of the week. Sorry, for obvious copyright reasons, I can't provide this video here for free download... you need to purchase it at iTunes. All net proceeds from the sales of this video will go to Amnesty International to help end the human rights crisis in Darfur.

No, this site is not dead! Updates will hopefully return soon to a normal rate, as time permits. Stay tuned for exclusive material in a near future.
January 23, 2007
New Video of the week: Paper Lanterns, live at Woodstock '94. This is the famous and enormous mud fight episode in entire, in high quality like you never saw before! Green Day prematurely stops the concert at the end of the song, and in a big confusion on stage, Mike Dirnt ends with several broken teeth. The band then had to be carried out by a helicopter!
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