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New multi-camera fan videosNovember 21, 2009, by François
Every Green Day show from the current tour sees loads of fan videos added on YouTube, ranging from crappy to very good quality. More interesting is the work of YouTube user cayoweb, who creates multi-camera edits from all these sources available online. It looks always more professional and fun to watch! See many songs from the Toulouse, France concert on this playlist, and Knowledge at the O2 in London, UK (2nd night).

I already released two multi-cam edits earlier this year - see the Paris @ Trabendo videos on the 2009 videos page - and am currently working on new songs.
Sheffield Arena concert reviewOctober 27, 2009, by François
Added a new concert review by Danielle Millea from the Sheffield Arena show yesterday, with exclusive - and excellent! - pictures.
Unofficial East Jesus Nowhere music videoOctober 24, 2009, by François
East Jesus Nowhere unofficial music videoOn-Point Productions, a video production company from the San Francisco Bay Area, recently did an "exercise", with a 5 min movie based on the music of "East Jesus Nowhere". The Green Day band is missing of course, but the result is pretty good, check it out at vimeo.com.
Wembley 2002 MP3October 23, 2009, by François
Today marks the start of Green Day's mini UK tour, with 7 dates. The last one will be Sunday, November 1, 2009 at the Wembley Arena in London. To celebrate this, we have a previously unreleased recording to share! Wembley is always a special occasion for the band, with surprises in the show. Foxboro Hot Tubs playing? An original setlist? Who knows what we might see this year... Last time Green Day played Wembley, a pair of concerts on July 17-18, 2002, on the second night, Tré Cool played two funny songs on the guitar: Download All By Myself (MP3, 01:21, 2.0 MB) and Download Dominated Love Slave (MP3, 02:12, 3.2 MB). Thanks to Brian Urwin for the minidiscs and eliu for the editing.
Two new multi-cam videosSeptember 28, 2009, by François
Green Day is kicking off today in Lisbon, Portugal the European leg of the 21st Century Breakdown World Tour, and this site is offering you two exclusive videos! These are from Paris in May this year, during the short promo tour before the album release. They are entirely made of fan videos mixed together. Enjoy! Wonder how we created such videos? This "behind the scences" screen shot shows the editing process.
MTV VMAs 2009July 30, 2009, by François
2009 VMA Performer: Green DaySome Green Day video news... The band will be playing at the MTV Video Music Awards, on Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 9 PM at Radio City in New York. More info on MTV. The nominees are yet to be announced. Green Day will probably run for one of their two music videos from 21st Century Breakdown: Know Your Enemy and 21 Guns.
Another State Of MindJune 16, 2009, by François
Social Distortion "Another State Of Mind" at Greenfield festival 2009 in InterlakenI've seen dozens of bands play Green Day covers in concert, but for the first time last weekend at the Greenfield festival, I saw it the other way around, with "Another State Of Mind" played by its original band Social Distortion. Green Day recorded a cover of this song, it's track 20 (2nd iTunes Bonus Track) of 21st Century Breakdown. Here's a 1 min video excerpt that I recorded.
Canal+ Private concert videosMay 24, 2009, by François
Know Your Enemy (Live) * With audience on stage21st Century Breakdown is now out since a week, and it's time for a few updates again... Watch songs performed at the Private concert for Canal+ (French TV). At the end of Know Your Enemy, Billie Joe invites about 20 lucky fans to come on stage, sing along and dance!

I am currently working on a new "multi-camera" edit with a song from the Paris @ Trabendo concert.
Photos from Paris showcase concertMay 13, 2009, by François
Green Day live in Paris, FranceSee exclusive pictures from the concert in Paris yesterday here.

French BFMTV News showed short live excerpts from the concert in Paris yesterday. German ZDF TV also posted an interview with the band, and a news report with live excerpts from the Berlin concert last week.
Photos from Cologne showcase concertMay 12, 2009, by François
See exclusive pictures from the concert in Cologne last Saturday here.
Video from Berlin showcase concertMay 8, 2009, by François
See The Light live in Berlin, GermanyWatch a first excerpt of yesterday's secret show in Berlin with See The Light: here. Enjoy HD quality on this video. More to come in a week or two, with better audio quality. If you have other videos from this show, let me now.

I should also mention the videos from Comcast announced yesterday are available ONLY in the US. Don't ask me why...
Watch Green Day live in HD qualityMay 7, 2009, by François
I received news from Comcast. Starting today, an "exclusive collection brought to you by Comcast - together for the first time in HD - includes more than 30 of the band's videos, including the new video for Know Your Enemy, concerts, behind-the-scene footage and more". The live songs are from the Fox Theater in Oakland concert last month, which was recorded in HD. You can check them on Comcast's On Demander service under "Top Picks" under "Green Day HD" and on Comcast.net/greenday.
Uptown concert video-taped, more secret showsMay 4, 2009, by François
Know Your Enemy CD singleSo, you've watched the Know Your Enemy music video? Noticed image problems from time to time? Especially at 2 min through the video? Well, no, you don't have download problems, it's actually done on purpose. Even the paid iTunes video has it. Remember the first time you listened to Church On Sunday on the Warning CD? I had the same feeling when watching this video, if you know what I mean... The physical CD single is also out now, see this picture of the disc.

In Green Day video news, according to The Wall Street Journal, the April 15 concert at The Uptown - aka secret show #4 - was video-taped. We'll sure follow this story.

Yet another secret private - or whatever you call it - show was announced today. Tuesday May 12, 2009 in a secret location in Paris, France for NRJ radio. Listen to this recording of the show announcement (AAC, 32 sec, 456KB, in French). Tickets are win-only, on the radio website or on air.

Also added 6 new pictures on the 21st Century Breakdown wallpapers page. And enjoy our new Video of the Week: Welcome to Paradise live at The Independent in San Francisco. An exclusive multi-camera edition with several sources synchronized.
Two more promo concertsApril 28, 2009, by François
The secret show #5 announced last week is no more secret... It's in Berlin. Two other small venue shows were announced since: Saturday, May 9 in Cologne, Germany, for radio 1LIVE, and Monday, May 11 in Paris, France at Canal+ TV studios. All of these concerts are by invitation only, no tickets for sale.
Secret show #5April 25, 2009, by François
Green Day is playing another club concert, this time in Germany, on May 7. Location still secret. No tickets will be for sale, you can only win them. Source: greenday.de (in German). If you have tickets left, let me know!
Pictures section updatedApril 18, 2009, by François
Added two new pages: wallpapers from the 21st Century Breakdown artwork and a scan of the January 2009 Alternative Press magazine.
Secret show #4April 15, 2009, by François
Tonight at The Uptown club, on Telegraph Ave in Oakland, CA. Source: LIVE 105 radio. Send us any audio/video you can record!
Oakland concert tonight: call for videosApril 14, 2009, by François
Unlike the two previous concerts last week, with a couple hundreds people attending and a very aggressive security about suppressing cameras, tonight show at the Fox Theater is in a much bigger venue with thousands of people. Fan photo/video shots will be easier to take. I'm asking everybody who has footage to send it in by FTP in or to contact me.

What I am interested in, for next Videos of the week, if I get enough footage, is to create and edit a video compilation, simulating a multi-camera recording. Syncing the different videos, taking the best parts of each clip, and the best audio source. If you see on the net, or hear about, video or audio recordings from this concert, you are welcome to contact me. I don't know yet what I can offer back, because it will depend on the number of people participating, but everybody involved in this project will sure receive something. Thank you.

The concert is also going to be professionally video-taped. From the venue website: "This is a live taping. By entering this facility you are providing consent for your image and/or likeness to be taped and rebroadcast." No word yet about the purpose of the recording. MTV, Fuse, or the next Green Day live DVD?

Update: According to a tweet from a girl at the show, the filming is for Green Day's next DVD. No official confirmation though. According to another tweet live from the show, there is a impressive total of 14 cameras filming the show in High Definition. Oh, yeah!
Second secret show tonightApril 9, 2009 (#2), by François
DNA LoungeGreen Day is playing another "rehearsal show" tonight in San Francisco at the DNA Lounge. Tickets are already sold out. This time Idiot Club members - Green Day's official fan club - have first access. 100 members will be on WILL CALL list at the box office, for two tickets each. Here's the annoucement from the club.

If you are attending the show, we'll love your contributions here, to share with other Green Day fans. Try to shot some footage or write a concert review. Use this FTP account to upload videos and the e-mail gro.yadneerg@sweivertrecnoc for the reviews. Again, the best contributions will be rewarded.

DNA Lounge pre-showUpdate: We might be able to see a live webcast of the concert at http://www.justin.tv/dnalounge. It's now already live, but without sound until the doors open. Here's a short video of the pre-show (H.264 format, 1 min 21 sec, 9.63 MB, QuickTime Player), where they are testing lights on the stage.

Update 2: The live feed was stopped 3 hours before the concert and was not turned on again after. This seems normal in my opinion, considering Green Day played unreleased songs. Here's an almost live picture from the show: twitpic.com/33641.
Surprise concert in San FranciscoApril 9, 2009, by François
Billie Joe reading his setlist sheetSurprise Tuesday night for a few lucky people in San Francisco. Green Day played a more than two hours show at The Independent club, the first show (as Green Day) in more than 3 years! From the reviews I read on the net, the full new album was played (almost), followed by a lot of older songs, some even rarely played live. We now feature as Video of the week one of the new songs played, track 10 on 21st Century Breakdown coming May 15. I originally downloaded this from P2P, so I'm still working on the credits. If you shot this, please let me know.

I'd like to offer more songs, send me an e-mail if you have material from this show. I'll then give you instructions for uploading. GreenDayAuthority.com has a lot of photos, videos and other infos about the concert, so head over there if you haven't yet. Here, we'd like to publish full concert reviews. If you attended the show, please send it to gro.yadneerg@sweivertrecnoc. The best contributions will receive a little gift! South by SF already has a review on his blog.
Know Your Enemy videoApril 6, 2009, by François
Know Your Enemy coverThe first music video from 21st Century Breakdown is Know Your Enemy, and will be premiered on April 24th. You can already hear a 30 sec audio clip on Green Day's official site, direct link is here (MP3, 472 KB).
Q magazine articleMarch 26, 2009, by François
Green Day in Q magazine21st Century Breakdown release date is set to May 15th, a Friday. The next months will see focused attention of the media on Green Day, which is nice! It's already starting now, with Q, the top-selling music magazine in the UK. It features Green Day on this month's cover. This issue of Q contains a world exclusive Green Day feature in which: "The socially conscious, politically aware punk rockers discuss the making of their new album, 21st Century Breakdown, the breakthrough success of the 13-million selling American Idiot, and their persistent refusal to conform to mainstream ideas. Q travels to Oakland, California to photograph the band at home, discuss the most important songs and albums of the 21st century, and, of course, cover the subjects of chaos, protest, and revolution." More at Qthemusic.com.
A new Green Day fan siteFebruary 17, 2009, by François
Added a new site with Green Day videos in the Links page: The Whatsernames. Check their Videos page in the Menu for some interesting videos. The Whatsernames is a large collection of Green Day Fan Art. Featuring animations, captions, graphics (avatars, banners and wallpapers), screencaps and videos. All the content you will find on this site was designed/made by the site owners.
New Green Day album annoucedFebruary 9, 2009, by François
Good news today, with greenday.com publishing at the same time the title, release date, cover art and a 1 min teaser of Green Day forthcoming album. 21st Century Breakdown will be out in May this year, you can watch the cover art here (JPEG, 900x900 px), and listen to the teaser here (MP3, 1 min 23, 1.9 MB). A Wikipedia article about the album is already up, detailing all these infos.

Oh, I just missed it. This site turned 10 last month! We started in January 1999. Only 5 small videos were available to download (they are still online today), but they were pretty much all the Green Day videos you could find on the Internet then. No YouTube, no P2P, etc. at the time. Today, typing "green day" on YouTube will bring you more videos than on this site, so our usefulness is debatable... Anyways, we might still offer exclusive stuff in the future, who knows? Stay tuned!
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