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This is an unofficial silver-pressed VCD (not a CD-R). A Video CD is like a DVD but of smaller capacity. You can play it on your TV with a stand-alone DVD player or on any computer equipped with a CD-ROM drive. Note that some old DVD players will not play VCDs. Also, on your computer, you might need to download and install a free software to watch VCDs. For detailed information, check out

This disc features a concert recorded on Channel V from the Warning tour that Green Day played October 19, 2000 in Australia. Check out below four sample songs to download, one MP3 and three MPEG videos. In addition, the VCD contains two MTV bonus videos. Total playing time: 54 minutes. Comes with a printed color cover. Two useless notes: yes, Minority is incorrectly spelled Minarity on the cover, also some copies of the VCD are printed in green rather than in red like below.
From the presenter before the show: « Hello and welcome to Goat Island on beautiful Sydney Harbor. For the first time in 16 years this island will see... a rock gig! 16 years ago was Midnight Oil, today Green Day are coming to us. In front of a couple of hundred very select competition winners, they'll gonna be playing songs from their latest record Warning, plus all the hits from their earlier albums like Kerplunk!, Dookie, Insomniac and nimrod. The rumor is that there is some pyrotechnics happening with the drums. So keep a look out for them. Here's Green Day right now live on Goat Island, yeah! »
01 Intro & Nice Guys Finish Last (MP3, 3:30, 3.3 MB)
02 Minority
03 Longview
04 Welcome to Paradise
05 Castaway
06 Warning
07 Hitchin' A Ride
08 2,000 Light Years Away
09 Basket Case
10 King For A Day
11 Waiting
12 When I Come Around

13 Minority
14 Warning
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This is a fantastic show! It's one of the best Green Day shows I've ever seen, other than their performance at the Bizarre Festival in Germany in 2001. However, I was suprised to see that this VCD seems to be missing a few songs that they played. After Minority, they played Blood, Sex and Booze. After Hitchin' A Ride, they played Brain Stew and Jaded. And lastly, they concluded the show with Tré Cool and Mike trashing the set and then Billie Joe playing Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). Overall, Green Day Live in Goat Island is a great show, a must see for any Green Day fan. [Kevin Thomson]
The VCD is awesome! Great quality and sound, with a price u can't beat. I purchased mine of ebay, and it was a great choice! [Brad]
Just wanted to say thanks for the VCD. It arrived today which is way quicker than I expected. I'm well chuffed any way. Great gig and nice to own on VCD! If you get any of the Japanese things at any time I'll gladly buy those too! The amount of people trying to download them on winmx is untrue! Any way, thanks again! One happy Green Day fan here! Netty! [Janette Clutton]
This is a great VCD! The quality is pretty good and the concert is awesome. [JP]
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