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Released along with the CD International Superhits!, this official DVD contains all Green Day TV music videos until 2001. It has absolutely awesome animated menus, and optional subtitles with the lyrics. Regrettably, bad words are censored in the audio track, like when they play on TV, but the subtitles aren't censored (see the Minority screenshot below).
We are still waiting to see an official Green Day DVD with live songs, surround sound and some extras, all of which aren't on International Supervideos! I hope this will come true sometime soon, however it remains a must-have for any Green Day fan, I can only recommend it. If you had to buy only one Green Day DVD, get this one.
The 15 videos on the disc are: Longview, Basket Case, When I Come Around, Geek Stink Breath, Stuck With Me, Brain Stew / Jaded, Walking Contradiction, Hitchin' A Ride, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), Redundant, Nice Guys Finish Last, Last Ride In, Minority, Warning, Waiting. Total running time: approx. 60 min. Reprise Records #7599-38550-2, released 11/13/01.
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This is a great Green Day DVD but I don't think this title contains enough footage such as live concert footage and extra features such as video commentary. It is a must have for any Green Day fan even if you only like the music from 1,039/smoothed Out Slappy Hours or only music from American Idiot. I thought it would have been really cool if they made like animated videos with animation like the images from the Dookie booklet for songs such as 2,000 Light Years Away, One of My Lies, Paper Lanterns, F.O.D., and Coming Clean. A great video for any Green Day fan! [Dylan, 06/28/2005]
Wow... this DVD's really cool. I just got it about two weeks ago, and it's really awesome. The menu's extra cool, too. Yeah, but I wish the Macy's Day Parade video had come out before Int'l Supervideos did. [Sally Dykstra, 02/06/2005]
If only it were uncensored and they included the videos for Welcome to Paradise, Macy's Day Parade, and Poprocks & Coke... Other than that, a must have for any Green Day fan. [Kevin Thomson] Note from The Macy's Day Parade video was shot after the release of International Supervideos!, so obviously isn't on it. As for Poprocks & Coke, it has a video found on industry promo material, but this wasn't meant for MTV, etc.
It was really cool in all but they've been around for 15 years and still haven't made a single concert DVD and I think that makes fans mad. The movie was good anyway. It had their best songs. [Robert Manzo]
Had a really happy moment when I opened the first Green Day DVD, International Supervideos! Hope they'll do more stuff like that - concerts and stuff. Would be awesome. [Christian Grande]
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François Bonzon, 12/29/2002
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