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This section contains reviews with screenshots of official or less official Green Day DVDs, and how to buy them. A DVD-R is a bootleg, i.e. not professionally published title, usually created by fans, on Recordable DVD. You created a Green Day DVD or are working on it? Please contact us to get it reviewed here.
Bullet In A Bible 2005 Official  
Riding In Vans With Boys 2003 Unofficial  
Pogo Paradise 2002 Unofficial  
International Superband 2002 DVD-R  
Minneapolis Pop Disaster 2002 DVD-R  
Live in Minneapolis 2002 DVD-R  
Waiting 2001 Official  
International Supervideos! 2001 Official  
Live in Mississauga 2001 DVD-R  
Live in St. Paul 2001 DVD-R  
Live in Goat Island 2000 VCD  
About DVDs

With up to twice the video resolution of VHS tapes, along with CD-quality sound, not only do DVDs offer unsurpassed video and audio quality, they never wear out, and they often aren't expensive. I believe that in a near future, with the appearance of cheaper DVD recorders, more and more titles on DVD-R will be available to Green Day fans for sale or trade, leaving VHS tapes for the monkeys! You don't own a DVD player? Now it's time to get one!
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