The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink

Green Day - The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink Lyrics

Said that I'd meet you
At the Berkeley Marina
3 AM when no one will be found.

All I got in mind
Is a Boone's Farm jug of wine,
Smash a bottle in the parking lot.

But considering our luck,
We'll get busted by the cops.
Instead of sex, we'll go to jail.
Another lesson learned and failed.

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It's an exclusive non-LP track. You can only find it on the Short Music for Short People CD by FAT records, released on June 1st, 1999. This CD contains songs from Green Day, NoFx, Blink 182, Tilt, Offspring, Pennywise, etc. Fat Mike called up 101 punk-rock bands and asked them each to record a 30-second song, making so a great punk compilation!
Green Day - The Ballad of Wilhem Fink is track number 28; and 32 sec long though, not 30...
The above image is taken from the inlay of the CD. Click on it to download a 640x480 version.

Short Music for Short Poeple cover

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