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~ Green Day ~
American Idiot Tour

Eifel, Nürburgring, Germany @ Rock Am Ring festival
Saturday 4th June 2005

By Danielle Millea, 06/09/05
Photos: dpa

This is the tenth time I have seen Green Day, and the first time abroad. A large crowd waited a while watching a crowd surfing rabbit until the real pink rabbit came on to the 'YMCA' and 'Blitzkrieg Bop', and was lead off by security only to be let back on when they found out he was part of the show. Then Tré Cool runs on waving his drumsticks in the air, closely followed by Mike and Billie and touring guitarist Jason (who I think used to be there sound-checker back int' day).

Although not headlining they played for a good two hours, starting with the fantastic 'American Idiot', featuring loud cannon fire at the end. This was followed by the even more excellent 'Jesus of Suburbia', the first Green Day song to break the three minute barrier. Another song from the new album, 'Holiday', sent the crowd into a frenzy. Unlike the UK events the pit area was cordoned off to stop any crushing like what happened at Roskilde in 2000. This was a good idea if you knew about it but meant you had to reach this area early so as to get a good place up front. Luckily there were Ghostbuster looking guys wandering about selling booze from backpacks and a loo inside the fence, so you did not have to leave. You could tell the difference – although still tightly packed in the pit you could still move fairly easily. 'Hitchin' a Ride' was up next and created a large moshing mass of bodies. 'Brain Stew' and 'Jaded' (only a few fans seemed to know these early songs) still attracted a good sing along.
Next up was the part every fan waits for, where someone gets to go on stage. First up a young man to shoot the crowd with a supersoaker, and then Green Day Jnr are formed in front of you. Three young men again (they rarely choose girls, apart from to play the bass. We can play you know!) got up to play Operation Ivy's great 'Knowledge'. No matter how long a slot they have Green Day are now well known for this stunt, and what started off as just one guy getting up to play the guitar turned into the whole band forming and the guitarist keeps the guitar. I have tried many a time to get up but even the clown costume and banner I've used does not work! 'She' is always a crowd-pleaser and this lead on to 'King for a Day' where Billie dons a crown and cloak and sings a medley including Lulu's 'Shout'. After this the fast paced show is slowed down with the lovely 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams', and the tune they associated with England losing the 1996 World Cup (?) 'Time of Your Life', which is just Billie playing on his own. A show which started in the daylight (it stopped raining!) and finished in the dark was fantastic. Everyone I spoke to afterwards really enjoyed the show. Next up Milton Keynes!

Download live songs
Basket Case, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Minority
(MP3, 13.4 MB, 11 min 42 sec)

This is taken from MTV and lyrics are censored, in a way I have never seen before. Bad words are not muted or beeped, but replaced by a copy/paste of lyrics somewhere else in the song! E.g. in Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,
Read between the lines
What's fucked up and everything's alright
Read between the lines
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
How stupid MTV!
François Bonzon, 07/23/2005
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